Essential Maternity Clothing

If there’s one thing most Mums learn during pregnancy, it’s that COMFORT is EVERYTHING.

Looking after bump is a full-time job (and is post birth!) but we look back fondly over our pregnancy and remember the clothing we learned to love once we had gotten over our fear of elastic waistbands.

Number one on our list is the maternity bra, not the most attractive item of underwear we have ever owned by it certainly did the job and it was welcome relief once we passed five months. Maternity bras are designed for maximum support and comfort and are usually made out of soft materials that do not cause you to itch or overheat or feel restricted.

Second on our list is the cardigan, preferably a long length boyfriend style cardigan. This style was warm and comfortable and soft cashmere was our weapon of choice, for summer pregnancies a pure cotton cardigan is perfect for covering up and keeping cool. The long length meant we could cover our swollen behinds when we were feeling less then our best!

In third place we have to say leggings or any other form of stretchy pant for that matter. The elasticated waistband, once feared, now loved, even stretchy jeans were a blessing once our bumps dropped a little. Zips and buttons are just a no no if you want to be perfectly comfortable throughout your nine months. Secretly, we would quite happily wear stretchy waistbands all year round so we didn’t feel guilty about popping one our top buttons after Sunday lunch.
In last place, a bit of a surprise for some expectant mums, we chose maxi dresses. They work in all seasons if you add a chunky wrap cardigan curing colder months and we actually found maxi dresses to be extremely comfortable. They flow beautifully over bumps if you choose soft fabrics (nothing clingy like nylon) and are really flattering at all stages throughout pregnancy. They are the perfect way to dress up while hiding your comfy shoes underneath! You might find you to look harder than usual for a maternity maxi dress but a good place to start is by doing a search online for maternity dresses uk – you never know you could be in luck!

Finally, Tunic tops and flat shoes are also pregnancy musts so get them all on your shopping list and send your partner out to stock up while you put your feet up!